Pink Details Her Battle With COVID-19: 'There Is No One That Is Safe'

Pink is coming out on the other side of COVID-19. After going public with her coronavirus diagnosis on Saturday (April 4), the pop star turned to Instagram Live to chat with her friend and author Jen Pastiloff about her health.

Alongside her son, Jameson, 3, who also showed signs of COVID-19, the singer, 40, revealed that her son had "been really, really sick" after testing for the virus, but is currently feeling better. "There were many nights when I’ve cried and I’ve never prayed more in my life,” she confessed during the candid conversation with Pastiloff. "It’s funny, but at one point, I thought they promised us our kids would be okay. It’s not guaranteed. There is no one that is safe from this."

"I’ve kept a journal of his symptoms for the past three weeks and mine as well. He still, three weeks later, has a 100 temperature. It’s been a roller coaster. It’s been a different kind of roller coaster for both of us," she continued. On a positive note, Pink's husband, Carey Hart, and the pair's daughter, Willow, 8, have yet to show any signs of the contagious illness.

As for those criticizing the singer for her ability to obtain tests so quickly, the star understood the frustration. "I was able to get a test, and you know, I totally understand why people are pissed off by that. I totally understand,” she said. "I had two tests before the labs could even get them right. And I was lucky enough to get two tests because we were both sick, and because I paid money for them. I think it’s a complete failure of the government that we can’t all just get tested right now."

To keep up to date on the latest news about the coronavirus and to understand what you need to stay safe and healthy, check out the Coronavirus: Fact vs Fiction podcast from CNN Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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