What needs to be said about the person known as the grape smuggler that hasn't been said a thousand times before? His mouth could fit an entire Plymouth Satellite in his mouth with room left over to cook an entire walrus on a spit.

Roasted Walrus isn't his preferred meal, oh no. It's grapes. That's why he's known as the grape smuggler. So into grapes this fellows is that he smuggles grapes across state lines to enjoy the fine bitter tang of the finest grapes available in this wide world.

you may think that since 'the smuggler' (as his friends call him) loves grapes that he would love wine. You would be DEAD WRONG. Wine is terrible. A sugary witches broth of nonsense that no self respecting grape smuggler would appreciate because that is a corruption of the raw elements of the grape which he worships.

At this point I'm done talking about grapes but since I have more paragraphs that I'd like to test, I' d like to preach about the benefits of hiking. Probably because I'm looking at a Mt Rainier right now and there is no doubt at all that this is one pretty mountain.

Ol' Mt Three Fingers. MT Tahoma. Probably called something else by other groups as well. Man, what a great hike that place is. Paradise is great.

In closing, this is the last paragraphc because I think this is enough testing containing enough characters. Could I have cut and pasted one paragraph over and over again to do a more through test? Probably. Actually definitely. But a brain dump free association is fun to do sometimes too.






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